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Our Spring 2023 newsletter contains a timely article about how to avoid becoming your own worst enemy by succumbing to irrational fears about volatile market behavior and its effects on your investments. Couples can get tips on how to collaborate on a financial plan that will help guide everyday decisions about spending and saving. 

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Tips for weathering the financial challenges that Covid created

The recent Covid pandemic has created a plethora of financial crises for young and old alike. In this AARP article, Lauren shares her insights about how to react if you find yourself in a tenuous position with your current employer. Collecting unemployment benefits and delaying a retirement decision may give you time to evaluate all of your options.

Working with your older parents on an estate plan – why it’s so crucial

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 46% of people have written a will. An even smaller percentage have put legal documents in place to protect them in case of incapacity. In this article, published in The Balance, Andrew explains how to approach the subject with your aging parents and why doing so can be so important to their well-being as they age.

Nervous about the state of your state pension? Advisors can help

Many state employees across the nation has watched with trepidation as their governors and legislatures struggle to shore up sagging pension systems. Andrew and other advisors offer their insights into how to deal with your worst pension fears in this Financial Advisor article.

10 Financial Commandments for Your 20s

Young people in their 20s have plenty on their plates, and it’s easy to let financial issues slide to the bottom of the “to do” list. But, as Lauren and other advisors point out in this Kiplinger article, getting on the right financial path early will make it easier for 20-somethings to realize their career and personal dreams.

How to (Gently) Help Your Aging Parents Manage Their Money

A recent New York Times article highlighted the difficulties that adult children can encounter when trying to help their aging parents manage their finances. It can be especially challenging if the parents are still mentally sharp or if they are resistant to accepting help See what tips Lauren offered for coping with this complicated and emotionally-charged family financial issue.

Debt Issues and Aging Parents – a combustible combination

Talking to your parents about their finances can be a difficult undertaking in the best of circumstances. But what if you suspect that they have accumulated debt or have fallen prey to a scam? How do you work with them to prevent a financial emergency? In this article, published in The Balance, Andrew discusses the best strategies for approaching this hot topic in a non-confrontative way.