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Your Partner in Financial Planning Since 1992 

Making financial decisions can be daunting and difficult. We want to change that for you. By helping you create a personal financial plan that’s specific, straightforward and sustainable, we empower you to act confidently around your money.


…we will always put our clients’ best interests before our own. As NAPFA members, we take an oath to do just that, every time. Ask us to provide you with a copy of our services and compensation brochure (Form ADV). It will let you see exactly how we operate. No surprises, nothing hidden.


…to the answer, we tailor our services to best help you achieve your unique financial goals and objectives. If you don’t know where you’re going, chances are you will never arrive. We arm our clients with the tools to confidently and boldly make the most of the challenges and opportunities that every life offers.


…As applicable, we review and discuss household budgets, spending and savings habits, insurance requirements, tax obligations, higher education needs, retirement plans and estate issues. We cover all the bases so that you come away with a plan that realistically represents where you stand financially.


After carefully analyzing the personal and financial information you provide, we’ll present you with a structured and detailed plan that takes into account a spectrum of scenarios, variables and outcomes. At every juncture in this process, you’ll play a key role as an active partner in the work being done.


…the fewest possible detours. Through the dynamic development of your resources, Locker Financial helps you smooth out the bumps that are bound to occur along life’s road. Let our responsive and diligent team assist you in setting a course toward a satisfying and worry-free financial future.


We take care of the necessary paperwork and reminders, assist you in setting realistic goals and help you determine when course corrections are warranted. Because financial planning is not a “one-and-done” activity, we’ll be around when you need us, as we have been every year since 1992.

Simple Principles, Simply Applied

The cornerstone principles we operate under are simple. We strive to always serve your best interests as a client, putting them ahead of our own.  We make sure that our fee structure is fully transparent and easily understandable. Following these rules lets us focus solely on understanding your unique financial situation and helping you meet your money goals. Click below for more details on our core business values.

Registered Investment Advisor


Certified Financial Planner ™

“One of my passions in life is trying to make personal finance accessible to someone who thinks it’s all too complex. Everyone needs to understand how their money works. I love that moment when a client “gets it” – it means I’ve done my very best at my job.”

– Lauren Locker

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Certified Financial Planner ™
Certified Investment Management Analyst SM

“I’m a firm believer that personal finances need to be managed holistically. Each piece of your plan must be integrated into the whole to best achieve your specific goals and objectives. My role in your planning process is to educate, advise, and counsel you so that you can make the best decisions from a fully-informed position.”

– Andrew Chan

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National Association of Personal Financial Planners: The Power of Trust

Our Firm and Our CFP®s Are Proud Members… 

…of this organization that has pioneered a set of standards for advisor training and practice methods that truly serves the public interest. NAPFA members provide independent, objective financial advice to their clients, free of the conflicts that come with accepting commission. More information is available on NAPFA’s website.

Make Your Finances Simple