• 2016 Social Security and Medicare Changes

    2016 Social Security and Medicare Changes

    That amount will go up in 2016 for the “high income” individuals mentioned above, plus anyone who signs up for Medicare Part B for the first time in 2016. It will also increase for anyone at lower income levels who doesn’t have their Medicare payment deducted directly from their Social Security check each month. Hold … Read more

  • Take (care with) Your Medicine

    Take (care with) Your Medicine

    Prepare yourself for the paper deluge! If you are a Medicare enrollee, you will probably notice an uptick in the amount of mail you receive during the next couple of months. That’s because we are about to enter that special time of year designated to be the open enrollment period for Medicare plans. Various Medicare … Read more

  • File Under…

    File Under…

    My mother was a neat and organized woman. Once a year she took the time to sort through “important papers”, keeping those that were still relevant and tossing those that were outdated. She would also write out an inventory of her valued possessions and their current location. These inventive hiding spots included a coffee pot, … Read more

  • Time Passages

    Time Passages

    Time is a slippery concept to talk about because it seems to distort a little more with each year you add to your lifespan. We all remember the days as kids when the eight or so weeks of summer vacation seemed to stretch out for an eternity, and each individual day seemed to hold infinite … Read more

  • Re-framed, Re-thought, Repackaged

    Re-framed, Re-thought, Repackaged

    Changing How We Think About Aging Our story begins in September of 2012 in a large, impersonal conference room in Washington D.C. Representatives from eight of the country’s most influential organizations in the field of aging are taking their seats around the table. Thought leaders from The American Society on Aging (ASA), The National Council … Read more

  • Planted


    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I live. I’ve always considered myself to be a bit of a nomad, having moved a fair number of times. “Bloom where you’re planted” is a sappy phrase that I’ve tried to abide by. I’d like to believe that I’m pretty adaptable to whatever environment I happen … Read more