• The Cost of Caring

    You know that bumper sticker that reads, “Be nice to your kids – they’ll choose your nursing home”? Well, if seeing it makes you uncomfortable, join the club. First, consider the folks, like me, who have no children. Who will help us when we need care in our elder years? Then, consider the vast majority…

  • You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere

    You’ve gotta start somewhere with a new project, and this is how I’m starting the brand new ElderLife blog. I decided that it would be fitting to begin with a story about the person who got me headed down this path and that would be my Aunt Carolyn. Aunt Carolyn is quite the character. And…

  • Your financial life…simplified

    Your financial life…simplified

    Open the door to our fee-only financial services

  • From work to retirement

    From work to retirement

    Let’s sit down together to make a plan for the prime of your life.